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Mark asks: "What if I join WOJC Mid-Year"

 Hello Mark - 

Thanks for your interest in our Club.

The standard membership period is January to December. I presently have newsletter copies from October - December 2017 and January - June 2018. New members who join during the year get all of the past newsletters that I have copies of to get them caught up, plus a membership card, WOJC window decal, and a copy of the membership roster. So in this case, you would be getting the past 9 newsletters from the months I mentioned, and July would probably be the first you get in the mail individually.

Hope this helps... let me know if you need anything else.

I also have a 1949 Jeepster... it has been in my family since 1956. You can read about it in the January 2018 Jeepster News!

Thanks again,

Kevin Stepinski

WOJC Secretary/Treasurer

Carleton, MI

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What is a "JEEPSTER"

Language is always changing, and of late, many people have called folks who like Jeeps,  "Jeepsters".... Also, some call Willys Military, CJ's, Wagons, Pickup's etc. "Jeepsters" but for the purpose of the Willys Overland JEEPSTER Club we only consider the "JEEPSTER MODEL" as it was built at Toledo Ohio from 1948-1950* to be a "JEEPSTER".

*With the outbreak of the Korean War, 25 June 1950 and lagging sales of "Jeepsters" production was stopped in 1950's with 'Leftovers' being sold as 1951 models.

Members! Please send VIN & PHOTO!

Colin Peabody, (AZ State Police Ret) our Tech Editor is maintaining a data base of Jeepster VIN's and Photos in an effort to determine how many of the 19,131 Jeepsters ever built have survived!   Please forward your VIN and Jeepster Photo to:

MEMBERS: Photos & Stories

Do you have a trailer queen,  driver, or project Jeepster?  We love them all!

Please send a photo of yourself with your Jeepster Story for sharing on this web site, and in an upcoming edition of "JeepsterNews" !!   Send to....  **

** By sending photo and story you give WOJC a 'Release' to publish said Photo & Story via Club Channels, and on occasion, special features are written and submitted to 'Old Cars Weekly', a national publication for the Old Car Hobby.... Thank You!!