Willys-Overland JEEPSTER Club

Current WOJC President:
Mr. Bert Solway Member #2649
Huntsville, Ontario, Canada

Here's some more club history....

The Willys-Overland Jeepster Club was founded by Jerry & Rose Fonce, Lenny & Jenny Parks, Jay & Irene Sherwin*, and Walter Egerland.
The Past Presidents are...
Jerry Fonce
Paul Brim
Ed Payton
Dan Navarro
Frank Scheeff
Bob Rowland
Larry Wozniak
Wanda Young
Dick Depke
Jerry Wozniak
Bob Waite
Jim Sommer
Cleo Bett
John Kelso
Sam Bacheller
Kathleen Sioui


*The Sherwins acted as Treas. Sec. & Newsletter Editors for the club for 30+ years until January of 1996, upon Mr. Sherwin's retirement due to ill health.

Feb 2012
St. Peter opened the Pearly Gates to let a Jeepster roll in....aboard was WOJC Pioneer, Frank Scheeff Member #5. Photo above by PG Mozzone shows the Scheeff's in front of the world famous UNION TERMINAL in Cincinnati Ohio during a recent National Jeepster Meet.


Join Up, and Come Along!
NEW MEMBER DUES:..................$23.00 1st Year.*
Renewal for current Members:..........$20.00 Per Year.

* Extra $3 covers mailing cost of New Member Package.

Members OUTSIDE U.S.A. pay addl. cost of postage.
Canada $3.00 Extra Postage
European,Southwest Pacific,Aisa $9.00 Extra Postage.

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Email your request to: jeepsterme@aol.com

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****Important Note Regarding Email******
Due to serious Computer Virus problems, and damage, the club will not open any email with a BLANK SUBJECT LINE. Thank You.

EVERYONE HAS A STORY: WOJC would love to hear your story about how you enjoy Your Jeepster! This photo was sent by WOJC Member Randy Spangler who shared a story about his enjoyment of his two Jeepsters in Hawaii! A feature was written for the newsletter and may be developed for an item in Old Cars Weekly. People just love Jeepsters! Send your photos & stories to: Jeepsterme@aol.com Please type: Everyone Has A Story in SUBJECT LINE - Emails received with blank subject lines will NOT BE OPENED due to virus threats. Thank You. *Any and All Photos/Stories are sent with the understanding that WOJC or Peter G. Mozzone make no payments for their use, and that after editing they are released for publication in WOJC or other Automotive Related Publications, web sites, or other media.

If you are a WOJC Member, you'll have access to our 'Group' at www.facebook.com. You can share photos, stories, ask for Tech Advise and otherwise enjoy 'Social Media' with like minded people in the Jeepster Hobby....

Unlike some other clubs, there is no 'ownership' requirement to join the Willys Overland Jeepster Club. The only requirement is that you must have a special place in your heart for this wonderful little car. Did you know only 19,131 were ever built? The factory has used the name several times, but this is the original, the 'JEEPSTER'!

Share your fun with other members via this site, and our newsletter....

Send YOUR 'Jeepster Fun Photos' to webmaster at jeepsterme@aol.com .

***NOTE REGARDING FACEBOOK: We have been getting an increasing number of Facebook Requests for Group Membership from folk who are Not Club Members, including but not limited to people seeking to use the group to simply SELL things, foreign nationals, and minors. We appreciate your interest in the club, but regret we can not approve those requests for joining the club FACEBOOK GROUP. When possible a response is sent which includes a membership form, should anyone wish to join the club, and THEN be able to join the FB GROUP. Thank You.

National FALL 2012 WOJC Meet Was Held at...

HOSTS: Fred & Nina Hammer

Here's a club member unloading his car from it's box trailer. Members drove their Jeepsters, or hauled via open or closed trailers, or used their conventional vehicles. One member rode Amtrak for 12 hrs. from Providence RI to Altoona and rented a car!

Willys-Overland Jeepster Club does not endorse, or take any responsibility in connecting parts or service providers links to this web site. Club Members, or others are urged to use all normal caution when doing business with a party not directly known to them. We likewise assume NO LIABILITY or Responsibility for members or others related to repair/restoration/technical/ or other information which is shared via the club newsletter or web site related to our antique vehicles. All repairs should be done in a good workmanlike manner, and subjected to safety inspections in your state of operation.

SPRING 2013 NATIONAL JEEPSTER MEET & WORDSMITH CONVENTION: Communications Director / Award Winning Newsletter Editor Jim Sommer (Left) enjoys breakfast on Saturday with Internet Chm./ Webmaster/Former Newsletter Editor Peter G. "PETE" Mozzone. The two enjoyed breakfast together on Saturday Morning before Jim had to head out to a family graduation in Ohio. Pete and Alicia arrived a day LATE due to a special event in Boston, where they mentor inner city children and got to meet them at an annual breakfast. Jim & Pete are always glad to meet, even if it's only twice a year at WOJC MEETS!!

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